Public Philosophy and Political Science

Public Philosophy and Political Science PDF Book Detail Author: E. Robert Statham
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739102947
Category : Philosophy
Languages : en
Pages : 225

Book Description
The crisis of western civilization is a crisis of public philosophy. This is the charge of Public Philosophy and Political Science, a stunning new collection of essays edited by E. Robert Statham Jr. Vividly cataloging the decay of the moral and intellectual foundations of civic liberty, the book portrays a generation of Americans alienated from institutions built on public philosophy. The work exposes the failure of America's political scientists to acknowledge and understand this alarming crisis in the American body politic. The distinguished contributors examine the evolution of public philosophy; the inextricable relationship between politics and philosophy; and the interplay between public philosophy, the constitution, natural law, and government. They reveal the dire threat to deliberative democracy and the fundamental order of constitutional society posed by public philosophy's waning power to refine, cultivate, and civilize. The work is an indictment of a society which has discarded a way of life rooted in natural law, democracy and the traditions of civility; and is a denunciation of an educated elite that has divorced itself from the standards upon which public philosophy rests. It is essential reading for philosophers and political and social scientists seeking to resurrect the standards of American public life.

International Encyclopedia of Political Science

International Encyclopedia of Political Science PDF Book Detail Author: Bertrand Badie
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483305392
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 4032

Book Description
Request a FREE 30-day online trial to this title at With entries from leading international scholars from around the world, this eight-volume encyclopedia offers the widest possible coverage of key areas both regionally and globally. The International Encyclopedia of Political Science provides a definitive, comprehensive picture of all aspects of political life, recognizing the theoretical and cultural pluralism of our approaches and including findings from the far corners of the world. The eight volumes cover every field of politics, from political theory and methodology to political sociology, comparative politics, public policies, and international relations. Entries are arranged in alphabetical order, and a list of entries by subject area appears in the front of each volume for ease of use. The encyclopedia contains a detailed index as well as extensive bibliographical references. Filling the need for an exhaustive overview of the empirical findings and reflections on politics, this reference resource is suited for undergraduate or graduate students who wish to be informed effectively and quickly on their field of study, for scholars seeking information on relevant research findings in their area of specialization or in related fields, and for lay readers who may lack a formal background in political science but have an interest in the field nonetheless. The International Encyclopedia of Political Science provides an essential, authoritative guide to the state of political science at the start of the 21st century and for decades to come, making it an invaluable resource for a global readership, including researchers, students, citizens, and policy makers. The encyclopedia was developed in partnership with the International Political Science Association. Key Themes: Case and Area Studies Comparative Politics, Theory, and Methods Democracy and Democratization Economics Epistemological Foundations Equality and Inequality Gender and Race/Ethnicity International Relations Local Government Peace, War, and Conflict Resolution People and Organizations Political Economy Political Parties Political Sociology Public Policy and Administration Qualitative Methods Quantitative Methods Religion

Political science in motion

Political science in motion PDF Book Detail Author: Ramona Coman
Publisher: Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles
ISBN: 2800416963
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 208

Book Description
What are the main trends in contemporary political science research? This book examines recent developments in political science research. What are the new influences to which the discipline opens itself up? Is political science research converging towards a single model or splitting into different streams? What are the new challenges at the beginning of the 21st century? This collection of essays discusses three interrelated topics: the relationship between political science and the problems of politics, the relationship between political science and other fields of research, and the transformation of the profession. EXTRACT The past, the present and the future of political science have always been a topic of inquiry for political scientists. This collection of essays is not the first to explore the evolution of the discipline. Since its inception, scholars of politics of all persuasions have (re)produced the story of the field as a discipline and as a profession (Farr et al. 1990: 598; Blondiaux 1997: 10; Gunnell 2002: 339; Dryzek 2002; 2006). They have explored the discipline’s relation with its social and political environment, they have questioned its epistemological and ontological specificities, and more recently they have documented its professional standards, codes, and practices. As the discipline expands in different parts of the world, the attention devoted to its evolution and development has increased. Political science is a recognized object of study and “state of the discipline” studies are flourishing. This book seeks to contribute to these recent debates about the evolution of the discipline by exploring three interrelated themes, namely (1) the discipline’s co-evolution with politics, (2) its changing relations with sister disciplines, (3) and the transformation of its practices for knowledge production and dissemination. We argue in this volume that these topics are fundamental, as they directly address the core identity of political science. ABOUT THIS BOOK There is very little literature on academic journals and how they function or what they achieve and Political Science in Motion is to be welcomed as a step towards filling that gap. It is well-edited, as is evident from the cross-references between chapters. It answers some of the questions that one might want to ask, while others remain unanswered" - Wyn Grant, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Review of books

Ibss Political Science 1994

Ibss  Political Science  1994 PDF Book Detail Author: British Library British Library of Political and Economic Science at the London School of Economics
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415127844
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 576

Book Description
The IBSS is the essential tool for librarians, university departments, research institutions and any public or private institution whose work requires access to up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of the social sciences.

Adventures in Political Science

Adventures in Political Science PDF Book Detail Author: Remigio E. Agpalo
Publisher: Univ Philippines Press
Category : Philippines
Languages : en
Pages : 401

Book Description
A collection of eighteen essays, which originally were delivered as lectures, read as papers, or submitted as journal articles, this book records the intellectual voyage in political science by Dr. Remigio E. Agpalo as student, teacher, researcher, and professor. Although this volume covers practically all the important areas of political science - political dynamics, comparative government and politics, Philippine government and politics, political philosophy, political theory and methodology, and constitutional law - its foci are on Philippine government and politics and modernization and political development. What is unique in this volume is the attempt of Professor Agpalo to analyze Philippine politics and government by means of concepts, typologies, or models based on Filipino culture and history. Among the models which are found in this volume are those on political systems, interest groups, legitimacy, and political leaders; among the concepts elucidated are pandanggo sa ilaw politics and pangulo regime. This book is truly a major contribution to Filipinology, not only in terms of concepts and conceptual frameworks but also in substance - Philippine sub-national politics, national government and politics, political philosophy of Rizal, Jacinto, and Laurel, and political science, especially as it developed in the University of the Philippines.

Political Science For Dummies

Political Science For Dummies PDF Book Detail Author: Marcus A. Stadelmann
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119674832
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 336

Book Description
Expand your political science knowledge with a book that explains concepts in a way anyone can understand! The global political climate is dynamic, at times even volatile. To understand this evolving landscape, it’s important to learn more about how countries are governed. Political Science For Dummies explores the questions that political scientists examine, such as how our leaders make decisions, who shapes political policy, and why countries go to war. The book is the perfect course supplement for students taking college-level, introductory political science courses. Political Science For Dummies is a guide that makes political science concepts easier to grasp. Get a better understanding of political ideologies, institutions, policies, processes, and behavior Explore topics such as class, government, diplomacy, law, strategy, and war Learn the specialized vocabulary within the field of political science Help prepare for a range of careers, from policy analyst to legislative assistant Political science crosses into many other areas of study, such as sociology, economics, history, anthropology, international relations, law, statistics, and public policy. Those who want to understand the implications of changing political economies or how governing bodies work can look to Political Science For Dummies. It’s the book thatcuts through the jargon as it focuses on issues that interest readers.

Political science and changing politics

Political science and changing politics PDF Book Detail Author: Philip van Praag
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 904853920X
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages :

Book Description
This book is an introduction to political science. What is it that political scientists are actually studying? Or, to put it another way: What do we mean when we talk about politics?

Political Science and Digitalization Global Perspectives

Political Science and Digitalization     Global Perspectives PDF Book Detail Author: Marianne Kneuer
Publisher: Verlag Barbara Budrich
ISBN: 3847414887
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 290

Book Description
Digitalization is not only a new research subject for political science, but a transformative force for the discipline in terms of teaching and learning as well as research methods and publishing. This volume provides the first account of the influence of digitalization on the discipline of political science including contributions from 20 different countries. It presents a regional stocktaking of the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in most world regions.

political science is for everybody

political science is for everybody PDF Book Detail Author: amy l. atchison
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1487523904
Category : Intersectionality (Sociology)
Languages : en
Pages : 464

Book Description
This book is the first intersectionality-mainstreamed textbook written for introductory political science courses.

Anthropology and Political Science

Anthropology and Political Science PDF Book Detail Author: Myron J. Aronoff
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 085745725X
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 341

Book Description
What can anthropology and political science learn from each other? The authors argue that collaboration, particularly in the area of concepts and methodologies, is tremendously beneficial for both disciplines, though they also deal with some troubling aspects of the relationship. Focusing on the influence of anthropology on political science, the book examines the basic assumptions the practitioners of each discipline make about the nature of social and political reality, compares some of the key concepts each field employs, and provides an extensive review of the basic methods of research that "bridge" both disciplines: ethnography and case study. Through ethnography (participant observation), reliance on extended case studies, and the use of "anthropological" concepts and sensibilities, a greater understanding of some of the most challenging issues of the day can be gained. For example, political anthropology challenges the illusion of the "autonomy of the political" assumed by political science to characterize so-called modern societies. Several chapters include a cross-disciplinary analysis of key concepts and issues: political culture, political ritual, the politics of collective identity, democratization in divided societies, conflict resolution, civil society, and the politics of post-Communist transformations.

Research Methods for Political Science

Research Methods for Political Science PDF Book Detail Author: David E. McNabb
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 0765628805
Category : Political science
Languages : en
Pages : 571

Book Description
This comprehensive text is designed to help political science students learn what to research, why to research, and how to research. It integrates both the quantitative and qualitative approaches to research, including the most detailed coverage of qualitative methods currently available. The book provides specific instructions in the use of available statistical software programs such as Excel and SPSS. It covers such important topics as research design, specifying research problems, designing questionnaires and writing questions, designing and carrying out qualitative research, and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative research data. Copiously illustrated and thoroughly classroom tested, the book presents statistical methods in a conversational tone to help students surmount "math phobia."

Political Science Research in Practice

Political Science Research in Practice PDF Book Detail Author: Akan Malici
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415887720
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 214

Book Description
Nothing rings truer to those teaching political science research methods: students hate taking this course. Tackle the challenge and turn the standard research methods teaching model on its head with Political Science Research in Practice. Akan Malici and Elizabeth Smith engage students first with pressing political questions and then demonstrate how a researcher has gone about answering them, walking through real political science research that contributors have conducted. Through the exemplary use of survey research, experiments, field research, case studies, content analysis, interviews, document analysis, statistical research, and formal modeling, each chapter introduces students to a method of empirical inquiry through a specific topic that will spark their interest and curiosity. Each chapter shows the process of developing a research question, how and why a particular method was used, and the rewards and challenges discovered along the way. Students can better appreciate why we need a science of politics—why methods matter—with these first-hand, issue-based discussions. The following features make this an ideal teaching tool: An introductory chapter that succinctly introduces key terms in research methodology Key terms bolded throughout and defined in a glossary Broad coverage of the most important methods used in political science research and the major subfields of the discipline A companion website designed to foster online active learning An instructor's manual and testbank to help incorporate this innovative text into your syllabus and assessment.

Principles and Theory of Political Science

Principles and Theory of Political Science PDF Book Detail Author: Urmila Sharma & S.K. Sharma
Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist
ISBN: 9788171569380
Category : Political science
Languages : en
Pages : 288

Book Description
This Book Deals With The Principles And The Theory Of Political Science. Besides The Introductory Portion Including Definition, Scope, Value, Nature And Methods Of Political Science, This Book Includes The Discussion On All Those Topics Which Find A Place In The Syllabi Of Political Theory Or Principles Of Political Science In Any Indian University. These Include : Political Power, Behavioural And Post-Behavioural Revolutions, The State, The Rise And Growth Of Nation States, The Political System, Sovereignty, Monist And Pluralist View Of Sovereignty, The Theory Of Rights, Concepts Of Liberty, Concept Of Equality, Law And International Law, Concept Of Property, Concept Of Justice, Political Obligation, Political Revolution, Punishment Etc.As Political Sociology Is Today An Integral Part Of Political Science, This Book Deals With The Main Concepts Of Political Sociology Including Political Development, Political Culture, Political Socialisation, Political Participation, Political Recruitment, Political Elites, Political Alienation, Political Communication, Political Legitimacy And Effectiveness And Bureaucracy.Principles Of Political Science Deal With The Theories Of State And Government. Thus, This Book Discusses Forms Of Government, Democracy, Socialism, Marxism, Syndicalism, Guild Socialism, Evolutionary Socialism, Fabianism, Anarchism, Fascism, Liberalism, Individualism And Sarvodaya. A Bibliography Has Been Given At The End For Those Who Desire To Go To Originals And Have A Wide Study Of The Subjects.

New Boundaries in Political Science Fiction

New Boundaries in Political Science Fiction PDF Book Detail Author: Associate Professor of Government and Director of Women's Studies Clyde Wilcox
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 9781570037368
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : en
Pages : 362

Book Description
Surveying the vast expanse of politically-charged science fiction, this book posits that the defining dilemma for these tales rests in whether identity and meaning germinate from progressive linear changes or progress, or from a continuous return to primitive realities of war, death and the competition for survival.

The Britannica Guide to Political Science and Social Movements That Changed the Modern World

The Britannica Guide to Political Science and Social Movements That Changed the Modern World PDF Book Detail Author: Britannica Educational Publishing
Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing
ISBN: 1615300627
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
Languages : en
Pages : 304

Book Description
Few forces are more powerful than a group of people united by a common cause. Collective objectives, known as movements, have been known to radically alter the course of human history. This book traces an array of important political and social movements from their inception to their apex, with plentiful side discussions of notable proponents.