Lessing Yearbook XLIV 2017

Lessing Yearbook XLIV 2017 PDF Book Detail Author: Lessing Society
Publisher: Wallstein Verlag
ISBN: 3835341634
Category : Literary Criticism
Languages : de
Pages : 222

Book Description
Ausgehend von Faramerz Dabhoiwalas These der Existenz einer "ersten sexuellen Revolution" im 18. Jahrhundert enthält der Band Beiträge über die weibliche Tugendhaftigkeit in Luise Gottscheds "Panthea", die Sexualitätsproblematik in Lessings "Rettungen des Horaz", transkulturelle Sexualität bei Schnabel, Gellert und Willebrand, Geschlechterverhältnisse in Lessings frühen Lustspielen, Raum und Geschlecht in Lessings Familien-Dramen, die Disziplinierung sexuellen Verhaltens bei Rousseau und Wieland, die Thematisierung der Sexualität in englischen Übersetzungen von Goethes "Die Geschwister" und "Stella" sowie Casanovas sexuelle Geographie Europas.

Bremer Jahrbuch der Weltschiffahrt 1954 55 Bremen World Shipping Yearbook

Bremer Jahrbuch der Weltschiffahrt 1954 55   Bremen World Shipping Yearbook PDF Book Detail Author:
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3642946410
Category : Science
Languages : de
Pages : 876

Book Description
The first edition of the Bremen World Shipping Yearbook, pub lished in 1953, met with a conspicuously good reception in profes sional circles at home and abroad. The international shipping press as well as the com~etent men of science and shipping industry in the widest sense of the word warmly commended the new publication. The widespread interest, the general demand for a continuation of this work and the overall recognition have encouraged the author, Dr. G.A. THEEL, to cope once more with all the difficulties aris ing from a fundamentally new analysis of 1953/54-World Shipping as offered by this book. In order to render the book directly accessable to interested professional circles abroad, abilingual edition is presented this time. This together with the necessary extension of statistical data would have sent up the price of this book considerably. Consequently a solution had to be found for cutting down the printing costs with out, however, reducing the scientific value of this book. Consider ing the general boost of printing charges, it has become almost impossible to edit an extensive scientific work with widely diversi fied statistical data and graphs in a normally printed form and at a reasonable price, acceptable to all interested circles.

The Brecht Yearbook Das Brecht Jahrbuch 40

The Brecht Yearbook   Das Brecht Jahrbuch 40 PDF Book Detail Author: Theodore F. Rippey
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 0985195630
Category : Drama
Languages : de
Pages : 252

Book Description
Newest volume of the central scholarly forum for discussion of Brecht and aspects of theater and literature of particular interest to him, especially the politics of literature and theater in a global context.


Yearbook PDF Book Detail Author: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Category : Mathematics
Languages : en
Pages : 528

Book Description

Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook 2015

Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook  2015 PDF Book Detail Author: International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1513535277
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 1219

Book Description
This annual issue of Balance-of-Payments Statistics Yearbook (BOPSY) contains two sections: World and Regional Tables, and Country Tables. The first section presents 21 world and regional tables for major components of the balance of payments, net International Investment Position (IIP), and total financial assets and total liabilities for the IIP. The second section provides detailed tables on balance-of-payments statistics for 191 economies and IIP data for 150 economies. Volume 66 of the BOPSY, published by the IMF, contains balance of payments and international investment position (IIP) data in accordance with the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual. Data are presented for 2007 forward. The IMF is grateful for countries’ cooperation in providing comprehensive, timely, and regular data to the IMF for re-dissemination. These data support the IMF’s Statistics Department in its efforts to respond to the analytical and policy needs of the IMF, member countries, and the international community.

International Financial Statistics Yearbook 2002

International Financial Statistics Yearbook  2002 PDF Book Detail Author: International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1589061837
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 1162

Book Description
The International Financial Statistics Yearbook, usually published in September, contains available annual data covering 12 years for countries appearing in the monthly issues of IFS. The IFS service is the standard source of international financial statistics. Additional time series in country tables and some additional tables of area and world aggregates are included in the Yearbook.

The Irish Yearbook of International Law Volumes 4 5 2009 10

The Irish Yearbook of International Law  Volumes 4 5  2009 10 PDF Book Detail Author: Fiona de Londras
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847319505
Category : Law
Languages : en
Pages : 510

Book Description
The Irish Yearbook of International Law is intended to stimulate further research into Ireland's practice in international affairs and foreign policy, filling a gap in existing legal scholarship and assisting in the dissemination of Irish thinking and practice on matters of international law. On an annual basis, the Yearbook presents peer-reviewed academic articles and book reviews on general issues of international law. Designated correspondents provide reports on international law developments in Ireland, Irish practice in international fora and the European Union, and the practice of joint North-South implementation bodies in Ireland. In addition, the Yearbook reproduces documents that reflect Irish practice on contemporary issues of international law. Publication of the Irish Yearbook of International Law makes Irish practice and opinio juris more readily available to Governments, academics and international bodies when determining the content of international law. In providing a forum for the documentation and analysis of North-South relations the Yearbook also make an important contribution to post-conflict and transitional justice studies internationally. As a matter of editorial policy, the Yearbook seeks to promote a multilateral approach to international affairs, reflecting and reinforcing Ireland's long-standing commitment to multilateralism as a core element of foreign policy.

Latin American Political Yearbook

Latin American Political Yearbook PDF Book Detail Author: Jr. Denton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351326260
Category : Political Science
Languages : en
Pages : 514

Book Description
In the third volume of this annual series, Robert G. Breene provides a comprehensive overview, analysis, and summary of the major political and economic trends and events in Central American, MERCOSUR, Andean and Caribbean nations, including Mexico. The yearbook provides a timely look at relevant background information necessary to an understanding of the status of political forces in Latin America today. Chapter 1 looks at the elections and status of political forces in Latin America and describes the political situations in the four groups of nations. It provides an up-to-date, realistic definition of today's political "Left." Chapter 2 relates the politico-economic backgrounds of such representative Latin American nations as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama, while chapter 3 explores in detail three hemispheric heads of state receiving much international attention: Pinochet, Ortega, and Clinton. Chapter 4 discusses the Hemispheric Left (HL), described as a loose association of amorphous Marxist and militant left organizations, and, as in previous editions of this yearbook, includes an overview of all hemispheric terrorism. The year 1998 witnessed an increased, overshadowing level of terrorism in Colombia necessitating separate coverage of Colombian terrorism, which is treated in chapter 5. The final two chapters are concerned with the Hemispheric Left Support, dealing with the association of Latin American Marxist and Marxist-Leninist organizations, and providing a look at Latin American international organizations, including regional summits and hemisphere-wide associations such as the Grupo de Rio and the Organization of American States. This third volume is brimming with facts and provides information not readily available through American media. Compact yet comprehensive, it is essential reading for political scientists, Latin American area specialists, and historians. Robert G. Breene, Jr. has been a fighter pilot, a newspaper correspondent in Central America, a professor of physics, and the owner and operator of a 600-head cattle ranch in Nevada. His is currently head of the Latin American Syndicate in San Antonio, Texas.

Yearbook of International Religious Demography 2018

Yearbook of International Religious Demography 2018 PDF Book Detail Author:
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004372636
Category : Religion
Languages : en
Pages : 254

Book Description
The Yearbook of International Religious Demography presents an annual snapshot of the state of religious statistics around the world (past, present, and future) in sets of tables and scholarly articles spanning social science, demography, history, and geography.